Handwoven Baskets & Hand Crochet
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Handwoven Baskets & Hand Crochet

I have been crocheting hats, scarves and sweaters for many years and continue to accept with pleasure, custom orders for crocheted clothing. I also weave table runners, place mats and napkins from cotton yarn and scarves from a variety of wool or other fiber yarns.


When I make hats, scarves, handbags or baby clothes, I use a single crochet hook and assorted yarns, primarily wool from Bartlett Yarns of Maine, Harrisville Yarn from New Hampshire, or accent yarns from local spinners. I love the colors of these New England yarns, as well as the lingering smell of lanolin. I may also use wool with wool blend yarns. The wool blend yarn provides softness, while the pure wool provides the textural look that is essential to my work. This allows me to please customers who are drawn to my designs and use of color, but prefer a much softer feel to the crochet work.

Because I have been crocheting most of my life, I think primarily about the colors I would like to use for the project and then just begin. To me, crocheting is similar to basket making in that I can see how the form of each piece of fiber art develops its shape as I work with the materials at hand. Over the years, I have found great pleasure in creating lovely, functional crocheted items, which help people to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

If any of these styles appeal to you, but you wish to have them in different colors, please feel free to email me your request and I will be happy to oblige.

Baby with Hat        Baby Flower Hat        Crochet Assortment

Winter Baby Sweater     Ocean Baby Sweater     Fall Baby Sweater


When I attended the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts & Crafts in Cape Breton I took a brief course in Gaelic, as well as courses in spinning and weaving. During the weaving classes at the College, I felt as if working on the loom connected me to my foremothers who had also been artists and craftswomen.

When I returned to Maine, I bought a lovely old 4-harness LeClerc loom and took a weaving course at Maine College of Art to expand on the learning begun at the Gaelic College. There was a deep satisfaction in weaving on this old loom in my craft studio.

However, when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I couldn't bring the LeClerc with me. Now I have a Schacht Rigid Heddle Flip Loom and am adapting to a new method of weaving. I enjoy weaving table runners, placemats and napkins from cotton yarn and scarves from a variety of wool or other fiber yarns. Below are a few examples of my current work.

At the Ocean's Edge     At First LeClerc     Ocean Waters

Midnight Sky     Sunny Skies

Handwoven Baskets & Hand Crochet